LPR Presents at Park Church Co-op: EZTV, Pavo Pavo & True Blue LPR Presents at Park Church Co-op: EZTV, Pavo Pavo & True Blue

Thu December 14th, 2017


Park Church Co-op

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 8:00PM

Event Ticket: $12

Day of Show: $15

event description event description

This is a general admission event at Park Church Co-op: 129 Russell St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

featuring the Pavo Pavo Chamber Orchestra

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Thank you!

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EZTV on Facebook | EZTV on Twitter | EZTV on Instagram

But even though Ezra, bassist Shane O’Connell, and Michael all share a deep love for Chilton and Bell, there are plenty of other wonderful bands and songwriters that echo from inside of Ezra’s songs (which he writes and demos in his bedroom like you or I breathe). EZTV has a whole lot of affection for Midwest power poppers like Shoes and Dwight Twilley, but also a definite love for left-of-the-dial bands from across the pond like Orange Juice and The Go-Betweens. Ezra’s chiming guitar riffs ring perfectly within classic pop song structures, while Shane and Michael provide groovy, dynamic rhythm and keep the sneaky hooks and riffs clicking like the gears of a fine watch.

Pavo Pavo

Pavo Pavo on Facebook | Pavo Pavo on Twitter

Pavo Pavo is an experimental pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut record, Young Narrator in the Breakers, will be released on Bella Union in November 2016. The band started writing together while studying music at Yale, and since then its five members have worked closely with indie and classical heavyweights such as Here We Go Magic, Roomful of Teeth, Dave Longstreth, and San Fermin. Stereogum describes their music as “weightless pop that sounds like it was beamed down from a utopian future”

Young Narrator in the Breakers walks through its songs with symphonic elegance – guitar stabs, washed out harmonies, and rumbling synthesizers come and go like guests at a party. The record describes the magic and panic of adult life; a breaker is a wave whose potential energy is being transformed into turbulent kinetic energy. Co-produced by Danny Molad (Lucius) and Sam Cohen (Yellowbirds), it is a romantic record in the tradition of Elephant 6, and a cohesive record in the tradition of Grizzly Bear. Introducing: Pavo Pavo.

True Blue

True Blue on Instagram

True Blue, solo project of Porches bassist Maya Laner, constructs a highly intentional world for its viewers and listeners. Inhabiting the world of True Blue are playfully evil twins, ruthless cowboys, the femme fatale with the fatal flaw; a fountain glistening under moonlight, a lock of hair tucked under a pillow. As much a sonic as a visual project, True Blue shows are always performative and often involve negotiating props onstage and dance interventions. Laner’s affect invokes desire edged with distrust, keeping the audience just on the edge of a mystery, something never named.w

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