with El Guincho, Extraperlo, NOIA, Vortex & Turnbull Green (DJ set)

Fri July 14th, 2017


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 6:00PM

Show Time: 6:00PM

Event Ticket: $15

Day of Show: $18

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Le Poisson Rouge in collaboration with Spain Fresh and La Editorial de Canada presents SPAIN- BROOKLYN MUSIC SERIES, a celebration of the best independent music from Spain and Brooklyn with El Guincho & NOIA.


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Spain Fresh is an organization promoting culture related to Spain in NYC through events, programs and pop-ups with the aim of breaking stereotypes and building bridges between Spain and the US.

The event is sponsored by Mezcales de Leyenda and Peloton de la Muerte.

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El Guincho

El Guincho on Facebook | El Guincho on Twitter | El Guincho on Soundcloud | El Guincho on Instagram

Pablo Díaz-Reixa, aka El Guincho, was born in Canary Islands, Spain. After his career as a professional futbol player failed he moved to Barcelona in pursuit of cinema and music. To his sruprise he would succeed shortly after when he released his debut Alegranza! in 2007, which almost instantly catapulted him into indie fame worldwide.

Top indie label Young Turks (UK) signed him for the release of his sophomore album Pop Negro (2010) which he recorded with Jon Gass (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Babyface, Anita Baker) at famous Berlin studios Planet Rock. The album met immense success, its single ‘Bombay’ lifted his career even further, accompanied by an equally fantastic music video directed by (then emerging) Barcelona-based collective CANADA that spread like wildfire.

He toured for more than two consecutive years in every possible continent repeatedly. Twice through the US and twice more in Latin America, playing for over a thousand people in New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Chile, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina and Mexico. Australia has seen some of his biggest concerts worldwide in Melbourne, Sidney, Brisbane and Perth. His tour of over 120 concerts took him as far as Ghana, Bangkok, Vietnam and Russia beyond his regular European stops in UK, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Finland.

“Mr. Díaz-Reixa makes joyful music from an international assortment of loops and drumsbeats with free-associative lyrics in Spanish, that sound like a bunch of guys in a bar celebrating to endless three-chord refrains full of la-las. The repetition turn from mechanical to hypnotic to hallucinatory to ecstatic as the songs barrel along.“ – The New York Times

“El Guincho’s sample-cluttered, buoyant avant-pop pulls in a world-wide array of sound to captivate passive listeners and rowdy dancers alike… As El Guincho locks in a listener his carefully calibrated espectro musical also opens up wide, showcasing bricolage constructions that Díaz-Reixa likens to Legos.“ – Paste Magazine

“The impressive and probably unwittingly fashionable source material –Afrobeat, dub, Tropicália, and early rock n’ roll– and the irresistibility of these songs can only brie y obscure the fact that no one else is really making music quite like this.“ – Pitchfork


Extraperlo official site | Extraperlo on Facebook | Extraperlo on Soundcloud | Extraperlo on Twitter | Extraperlo on Instagram

Extraperlo is a Barcelona-based band that debuted in 2009 from the same scene that saw El Guincho spread worldwide. In fact, half of its members tour with him. Influenced by bands like Aztec Camera, Dominant Legs, Orange Juice, Prefab Stroub and Roxy Music they released their sophomore album ‘Delírio Especí co’ back in 2012 (produced by El Guincho) to a welcoming blogosphere; especially in Mexico, Chile, Belgium and Australia. Concerts all around Spain followed (Primavera Sound, FIB, Arenal Sound, among others) and further more into Mexico (Festival Nrmal) and Estonia (Schilling Festival).

Considered by national press the future of homegrown music they return now with their latest album ‘Chill Aquí’, which as the name suggest takes their sophisti-pop sound to new chillin’ horizons. Still in search of the perfect pop song, idyllic and captivating, their music aspires to overstep genres with each album’s own lyrical universe and the unwavering quest for beauty that has always driven this Mediterranean pop act.

̈We meant to make an album with melodies that resonate like groovy mantras, luring the listener into the album’s chill ̈

On their third album Extraperlo explores their soft-rock side against their passion for italian romantic pop, achieving this from their own peculiar identity. This is an album which echoes for its soundscapes among foreign productions, like Jam City’s anger bathed ‘Dream a Garden’ and Blood Orange’s groovy guitar riffs and sensuous halls, seductive spaces that ‘Chill Aquí’ conveys across its 10 tracks.


NOIA on Facebook | NOIA on Soundcloud | NOIA on Instagram | NOIA on Twitter | NOIA on YouTube

NOIA is the solo project of singer/producer Gisela Fulla. Gisela was born and raised in
Barcelona by a family of activists. She moved to NY and began working as a sound
designer/mixer and music composer for film. She also started producing music with
traces of Tropicalia, leftfield R&B, traditional Spanish melodies and experimental sound design under the name of NOIA, which means “girl” in catalan. She sings in Spanish, English and Catalan.

Her debut EP “HàBITS ̈ came out last November via Cascine Records (US) and Buen Dia Records (MEX). Her LP debut is due summer 2018.

NOIA on IG: @noiagisela

NOIA on Soptify: https://goo.gl/aCXr53

NOIA on Bandcamp (vynils!): https://noiamusic.bandcamp.com/

music vid for NOSTALGIA: goo.gl/Nc8ulg

music vid for ITACA: youtu.be/dM5XeFk5x8U


Vortex on Soundcloud

Vortex started his career in Madrid at the beginning of the 2000s influenced by the sounds of the technopop, newwave, minimalwave, ebm, electro and postpunk. He played in cult clubs of the underground scene like DirtyParty@Coppelia101 , DiscoSucks@Stardust, TempleBeat@Razzmataz, Elastico, Le Garage, Tributo80, Astoria , Gris Bar, Bunker@Specka and Overflow. He was promoter of parties like Technoir@FlamingoClub and CanibalBar and some of his remixes were in the top ten of clubs like OchoyMedio and Razzmataz.

In 2012 he moved to NYC with his personal vision of the retro electronic scene playing in parties like
Antro@Bedlam, BunnyFucker@MetropolitanBAr, IbizaParty@MetropolitanBar,
CruiseControl@NowhereBar, ScaryMary@NowhereBar or Fontanas amongst others.

Turnbull Green (DJ set)

Turnbull Green official site

Turnbull Green is the indie project established circa 2010 by multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, & visual artist Ian Newman.

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