On the Rise at LPR On the Rise at LPR

with Crushed Out, Shark? & Crazy & the Brains Video Release Party

Wed September 16th, 2015


Main Space

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 8:00PM

Event Ticket: $10

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This is a general admission, standing event.

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On the Rise at LPR

On The Rise at LPR is a music series dedicated to showcasing up and coming bands from the New York City area. LPR is committed to finding some of the best local talent and exposing our patrons to bands that we truly believe in.

Crushed Out

While there are many fish in the sea indeed, rare is it to find in one a lover, best friend, co-conspirator, and risk taker. Someone who can squeeze every last drop from you until the job is done, and because they truly believe in your art. To let someone drive you in this crazed way is to exist symbiotically in a whirlwind of creative collaboration. You must cross the desert together to find the ocean existing between you both. When Frankie Sunswept and Moselle Spiller take the stage, they are not husband & wife, drums & guitar, blonde & brunette, they are not from Southern California or Brooklyn, NY. They are one riding the wave, swirling and building, rolling and rumbling with a kinetic momentum balanced on the tip of a surfboard, equal parts witch in the sunshine, angel in moonshine.
Alien Ocean (2016) is Crushed Out’s most definitive, cohesive, fleshed out album to date. Frankie dubs drunken lap steel, bassy analog synths, electric piano and hammond organ, while Moselle brings her most inventive and passionate performances. Frankie’s signature shimmering clean to ripping fuzz guitar tone dances from 60’s surf to roaring cave creature. Alien Ocean tackles themes of order & chaos, communication breakdown, alienation, love, personal freedom, human contradiction & consciousness while keeping it heavy, fun and wet. Alien Ocean releases September 30 2016 via the band’s own imprint Cool Clear Water Records, available on limited 12” vinyl LP, CD, as well as all digital formats. Crushed Out hit the hot tar this Fall for a full North American tour. Look out for their live show featuring an immersive stage world complete with electric palm trees, black flamingos and much that you’d expect to find at the shores of an Alien Ocean. Over 5 years touring through 45 US states, Crushed Out has clocked 600+ shows, connecting with friends and fans in all corners of the country.

Crushed Out’s songs have been featured in VICELAND’s King of the Road, MTV’s Finding Carter, web clips by Clifbar, ESPN, Big Star Jeans, and heard in skateboard videos by Thrasher Magazine, The Berrics, Element Skateboards, and Nike. They’ve toured with Shakey Graves, Band of Skulls, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Social Distortion and Joan Jett. They are looking forward to a European tour Spring 2017.


Shark? is a band. Their song “California Grrls” was featured on the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto V. Check out their new record Becky and Debbie.
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Shark? on Bandcamp

Crazy & the Brains Video Release Party

Crazy & the Brains is the brainchild of Chris Urban and Jeff Rubin – two punks whose previous bandmates bailed on them, leaving them with a guitar and a stolen (err appropriated) xylophone. In the most punk of punk spirits they made do with what they had and forged on creating a new band and a proving that doing whatever you damn well please will always be where it’s at. Recently they enlisted brothers Brett and Lawrence Miller on bass and drums and rounded out their band and their sound going from their anti-folk roots to a newer blast-core sound (two genres I believe they invented). If you haven’t seen these guys live you are doing your self a disservice cause they bring the party where ever they go. They’re like the Atlanta of New Jersey (if that makes any sense).
Crazy & the Brains official site
Crazy & the Brains on Bandcamp
Crazy & the Brains on Facebook

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