Clan Of Xymox Clan Of Xymox

Fri March 10th, 2023


The Brooklyn Monarch

Minimum Age: 18+

Doors Open: 5:30PM

Show Time: 6:00PM

Event Ticket: $35

Day of Show: $35

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Clan of Xymox

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Since their formation in their native Holland, their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.

First, there was Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam but signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to Bauhaus, the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and Pixies among others.

1985 saw the release of the band’s self-titled debut album. Recorded at Edinburgh’s famed Palladium Studios and co-produced with 4-AD supremo Ivo, it was a record full of tumbling electro beats, throbbing sequencers, and moody vocals.

1987 saw the band provide a track for ” Lonely is An Eyesore”, a fascinating compilation album highlighting the diversity of talent on the 4-AD roster. Ronny’s “Muscoviet Musquito”, sandwiched between Dif Juz and Dead Can Dance, showed a more confident side to the band. Album number two was a very different beast.

1987’s “Medusa” was mostly a dark record, in places a chilling exercise in atmospherics and modern pop dynamics. Aided by the impressive 12 inch single “A Million Things” and ” Blind Hearts” the band really started to create a buzz. Clan Of Xymox were now not only inhabiting the arthouse but filling dance floors in the more discerning clubs.

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