Mitra Sumara Mitra Sumara

Mitra Sumara is a New York City-based big band that pays homage to the vibrant pop and funk music of 60s/70s Iran. The band takes off on the sound of pre-Revolutionary Iran, which mixed the beats of Fela Kuti, salsa, and disco with Middle Eastern melodies and tragic poetry. Mitra Sumara captures all this while injecting a contemporary spirit into the infectious originals. The group plays hits by Iran’s beloved divas Googoosh, Pari Zangeneh, Parva, and intoxicating Bandari beat tunes by Zia Atabi.
Mitra Sumara is the creation of Brooklyn-based half-Iranian lead singer Yvette Perez. Adopted and raised by American parents, Yvette founded this new group after studying Farsi and re-uniting with her Iranian birth father just three years ago. This project is a unique culmination of a family reunion story and cross-cultural music performance.
Mitra Sumara is a distinctive mix of established players from definitive NYC music scenes. Yvette Perez (vocals) led NYC’s avant-pop/jazz no-wave inspired brass quintet Birdbrain. Peter Zummo (trombone) and Bill Ruyle (hammer dulcimer) are former members of the late Arthur Russell’s many bands. Michael Evans (percussion) has collaborated with experimental jazz and rock artists Michael Gira, Alex Hacke, David Grubbs, Carla Bley, among many others. Julian Maile (guitar) is a member of New York’s Loser’s Lounge all-star tribute house band, has been a hired gun for the likes of Vitamin C, Joan Jett and part of the original production of Hedwig and the Angry Itch. Sam Kulik (bass) collaborates with Brooklyn-based avant-rock duo Talibam! and performs with Starring as well as experimental theatre group The Talking Band.