Taali – “I Am Here” Album Release Taali – “I Am Here” Album Release

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Born in New York City, taught worldwide, Taali is an electric musical force and community builder. Her music, described as “a beguiling mix of layered vocals, chamber pop, avant-electronica, and quiet storm,” addresses identity, love, and overcoming trauma. Taali weaves a landscape drawing from the empowering Judaic culture of her family and the uplifting stories of the fierce women she surrounds herself with.

She was raised on lessons from her parents about radical Jewish ladies like labor activist Clara Lemlich and anarchist author Emma Goldman, and instead of “kid music”, heard her Mom’s folk (Dylan, Simon, Mitchell) and Dad’s soul (Wonder, Withers, Rawls), plus Israeli singers like Ofra Haza. “I grew up with these beautiful Middle-Eastern-owing Judaic harmonies all around me, but for the longest time I left my heritage out of my music,” she says. “A good friend recently told me the best thing you can have in life is culture, and she was right. The more I make this music, the closer I feel to my ancestry and myself.”

Her debut album “I Am Here” is set for release March 22nd worldwide on Rainbow Blonde Records, a label she and José James co-founded with the ideal of an artist collective where every person, from artist to engineer, is a vital part of the story.