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Started as a side project in 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska, Staffers channels (or channeled, you tell me) the spirit of the 90s lo-fi movement, 80s post punk, and kiwi guitar pop. In January 2015, the debut cassette, “Good Message, Poor English” was released on Unread Records. After relocating to Washington, DC, a second cassette of tracks was released on Unread and Propane Exchange titled “Torn Between Two Loves.”


“Torn Between Two Loves is fantastic, a refreshing record of honest “loud pop” songwriting that scratches all your itches with a raw simplicity. There’s no glitz, there’s no sense of self-importance, there’s no bullshit… just Ryan McKeever and a set of well-written basement recorded garage pop tunes. Touching on the brilliantly sloppy post-punk and art-rock of bands like Swell Maps, Wire, and The Clean, there’s a calming sense of “cool” throughout the record, shimmering through jangly propulsions of nervous energy (“Back To Reality”), disorienting twang with elastic rhythms (“American Love Ballad”), and downer songs set to upbeat punk grooves (“Blank Ambition”). Through it all McKeever has a way with his (generally self deprecating) words, and by the end you can’t help but love the idea of Staffers and his big win for the underdogs of the world.”
– Post-Trash