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A decade after releasing his first album with Earl Greyhound, singer and guitar player Matt Whyte, is preparing to release his first collection of original music. The album, due out late 2017, was 4 years in the making and features members of Grizzly Bear and Inara George from The Bird and The Bee. A distinct departure from Earl Greyhound’s pared down and aggressive brand of rock, Rupe Shearns’ music is decidedly more layered and varied from song to song; at its most gentle paying subtle tribute to Pink Floyd’s “Meddle”, and at its loudest, drawing more overtly from Joe Jackson’s “Stepping Out”.

In the intervening years between Earl Greyhound and Rupe Shearns, Matt has been working as a composer and producer out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn and touring as multi instrumentalist and singer with Joan as Policewoman. In addition, Matt performs samba and Bossa Nova music in Portuguese every other week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.