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Renata Zeiguer’s debut album Old Ghost is the sound of someone finding and losing herself in the endless dance of fear and forgiveness. Renata is a composer, her songs deep and complex. With secretly wise melodic constructions, she tempts the listener toward forbidden insights, resurrecting her childhood fascination with classical and jazz music. The ghosts of Ravel, Debussy, and Gershwin run through her veins, whirling with Billie Holiday, Os Mutantes, The Pixies, Yo La Tengo and The Beatles. She grew up in two worlds: Riverdale, New York, near the Bronx, and Buenos Aires, the land of her father, torn between the clear expectations of piano lessons in Yonkers, and the Dionysian passions of Argentine tango. Possessed by musical inquiry, she moved to New York City, performing and recording throughout her 20s with bands Landlady, Cassandra Jenkins, Mr. Twin Sister, Relatives, Ava Luna, Widowspeak, Mutual Benefit, Christopher Burke, and Quilt, while spilling her own haunted refrains in lonely Brooklyn apartments. Her music is stained with the brutality of battling oneself, and yet the pulse of love echoes throughout like a mystical wind.