Pedro Moraes Pedro Moraes

Hailed by NPR.ORG as “one of the 10 artists you should have known in 2012”, idealizer and curator of the “Brazilian Explorative Music” series, the Rio de Janeiro born Moraes whose album Claroescuro was deemed “one of the top 10 world music CDs of 2010” (Boston Globe) has been touring extensively to the US, Europe and Asia since 2007. With his mastery of Brazilian, Latin and self-created rhythms, and deceptively organic melodies which place him on the forefront of an intriguing “vanguard of neo traditionalists” (Tom Pryor – NatGEO), the 33 year old singer, guitarist and composer has been establishing himself as an ambassador of this generation.
On his “Explorative” set, accompanied by bassist Patrice Blanchard (Martinique/NYC) and drummer Mauricio Zottarelli (Brasil/NYC), he will present some of the repertoire of his upcoming work, Alarido, in which he will dive even deeper on his “elaborate melodies and unexpected lyrics… bridging traditional and modern trends, ranging from northeastern roots to samba and beyond.”(
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