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With shades of art-pop experimentalism and electronic minimalism, New York’s Operator Music Band is a blend of the comforting analogue old and the kinetic digital new. Warbling synthesizers and waves of feedback noise wander over steady motorik beats, bringing krautrock into an exciting third wave of synthetic bliss. What ultimately defines their sound is an aesthetic and tonal malleability, never appearing too serious, or too silly.

At the center of Operator Music Band is the complex symbiosis between Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller. Hirsch, a audio engineer by trade brings a cerebral intensity to her virtuosic guitar playing and vulnerable vocal delivery, while Hiller is all flash and noise, partly through his own audio effects tinkering, with a nasally baritone somewhere between Dylan and Cohen. They combine their efforts on their latest release (and first LP) Puzzlephonics I & II, which is a combination of older and newer material, all carefully mixed and mastered under the watchful eye of Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Cloud Becomes your Hand).