Isabelle Duthoit Isabelle Duthoit

Born in 1970 in Montargis. Classically trained Isabelle Duthoit is moving quickly towards today’s music working with various ensembles and composers. It finds its rightful place in the world of free improvisation. With the Trio Sofa, project photo phonographic and music, she tries to play the sound (music) in a sound and visual territory daily, listening space and slip into vitality … without staging. As has always been attracted by her voice, she has developed only a singing technique singular language before language. She sings and improvised solo and duet with Phil Minton. In 2008, she was a resident at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (Japan) to perform a solo vocal performance in relation to the sound world of Noh and Bunraku theater. From 1995 to 2005, it is committed to the creation and improvised music by creating Fruits Festival Mhère “fields of improvisation” with Jacques Di Donato. Since 1997 she teaches clarinet and improvisation at the Conservatoire Departmental Evry (Essonne).
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