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Evoking visions of dripping and lurching horror films, outer space travel, and gritty noir textures, NYC-based instrumental band Insect Ark is led by founder Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers). Using delay-drenched lapsteel, distorted bass & synths, and acoustic and electronic drums, Insect Ark’s music creates a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold.

A busy 2018 included the release of full-length LP Marrow Hymns on Profound Lore Records, European and North American tours, a recording residency at modular synth mecca EMS Stockholm, and fest appearances at Roadburn, Basilica Soundscape, Northwest Terror fest and more. Now in Summer 2019, the composing of a new album is almost complete with heavy touring in Fall 2019/Spring 2020 for the US and EU scheduled.

Bridging the gap between experimentation and song form, a heavy focus is on composition, but Insect Ark is not content to stay in the studio. It is very much a live experience, with emphasis on the live instrumentation of bass, lap steel, drums and synths, using intricate live analog looping techniques to achieve a monster “wall of sound” with only one or two people on stage.

A mind-bending animated video piece accompanies live shows – also made by Schechter, who works as a video artist in the film business – completing the experience to envelop and crush the senses.