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For over twenty years and through 40 countries Hazmat Modine has been providing the world with the sounds of an America that never existed. Recklessly distilled, they pour it directly into your coffee mug from the spout of New York City. Tuba powered, harmonica infected, Saxophone charged, trumpet riddled, trombone slathered, drum beat ravaged, fiddle broiled, guitar chiseled, and vocal sanctified, Hazmat Modine has rattled across the globe, from Siberia to Turkey, Borneo to Brazil, Mexico to New Zealand, China, India, to the far reaches of Europe.

 The band draws from the rich soil of the various roots that make up American music, fusing blues, Caribbean, Country, Jazz, Rock, African and Eastern European sounds, in fact most of the cultures that make up the tapestry of the NYC diaspora, to come up with a sound that is both familiar and unique, a kind alternate outcome of the musical melting pot of American music.