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Following three years of releasing music as the seminal vaporwave producer ESPRIT 空想, and vocal-driven pop artist Mirror Kisses, George Clanton has dropped the alter egos. Clanton’s latest work is built upon the foundation laid by those projects, but further pushes the sound of modern internet-bred genres by adding timeless pop hooks and structure.

In the past year Clanton has gone on to launch his own all-vinyl record label, 100% Electronica – a platform from which George released his debut album of the same title. The album 100% Electronica is George’s attempt to combine the Mirror Kisses and ESPRIT 空想 projects into one sound.

Following the release of 100% Electronica, the new project enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity thanks to endorsements from Gorilla Vs Bear​, FACT Mag​, SPIN​, and others. In 2016 George shared the stage with Charlie XCX​, Sophie​, and Teklife​ for the Gorilla Vs Bear SXSW Showcase at Hype Hotel; a performance Yahoo Music​ highlighted, calling George Clanton specifically “the best thing we saw at SXSW all week.”

Since then George’s following has grown steadily as he continues to release some of Bandcamp’s best-selling vinyl records (Negative Gemini – Body Work, SURFING – Deep Fantasy, ESPRIT空想–, and more) through his own 100% Electronica label. To date, each individual release has reached #1 on Bandcamp’s “best-selling” charts not just for vinyl but all music as well.

This year will see the release of George Clanton’s follow up album, and countrywide touring as he takes his renowned show on the road for the first time outside of the Northeast.