Derangement of the Senses Derangement of the Senses

Derangement of the Senses is a multimedia literary reading featuring some of New York’s most exciting writers, storytellers, musicians, and burlesque performers. The result is an atmosphere where new artforms flourish and incredible acts of literary and artistic dynamo amaze and astound. Inspired by the French proto-punk poet Arthur Rimbaud, Derangement focuses on the innovative new genres that are born when transgressive, transdisciplinary collaborations happen. Burlesque performers dance as their favorite literary characters while psychedelic visuals swirl and acoustic and electronic music cacophonously collide. You haven’t seen this kind of literary reading before.

Derangement is hosted by Kevin Carter and Miracle Jones, and it takes its name from a letter written by Arthur Rimbaud, who believed that “a poet makes himself a seer by an immense, long, deliberate derangement of the senses.” Its focus is on the necessity of cross-pollination between artists that work in different genres and the explosive interactions that take place when this occurs. Shows in the past have boasted everything from laser harps and electroencephalographs to cakes and LED butterfly wings. The show began in January of 2010 and previously took place at Happy Ending Lounge in the Lower East Side. Some of New York City’s most talented young writers and performers have performed pieces that recall the NYC theatrical and artistic performance art renaissance of the 80s and 90s while also managing to make that spirit their own in an entertaining, contemporary atmosphere.

Past readers/storytellers have included Rae Bryant, Peter Aguero, Bill Cheng, Elizabeth Crane, Miracle Jones, Ed Champion, Leigh Stein, Steve Zimmer, Arianne Benford, Jeanne Thornton, Meghann Plunkett, Lisa Marie Basile, Sasha Fletcher, and Chavisa Woods. The show has also hosted burlesque performances by Nasty Canasta, Iris Explosion, Anja Keister, Lucille ti Amore, Boots LaMae, and Masae. You can find more at