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Hailing from central Texas, though currently residing in Beverly, Massachusetts, violinist, vocalist and songwriter Aisha Burns has been touring and recording since 2006. Gaining her start with folk-rock outfit Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band (now IDYL), Aisha joined Balmorhea on violin in 2007. After years of secret singing, she began tracking a project of her own. Inspired by Gillian Welch, Nina Simone, the warmth of a string quartet, the quiet of night, loss, and simplicity, in 2013 her debut record was born.

The midwater is a layer of the ocean just above the deep sea. Known for its absolute darkness, it is only illuminated in small bouts by the neon glow of light producing fish. One brush with a shrouded enemy could be a fatal mistake for such a creature. In the same vein, “Life in the Midwater” is a journey spanning movement through the darkest of times when the threat of one’s demise can be felt lurking all around.

Called “one of the most arresting recent releases,” by Dazed Magazine, and praised for it’s “delicate intimacy,” by NPR, “Life in the Midwater” explores mortality and relationships with candor and wisdom. Oscillating between tense and soothing sentiment, it moves from minimal to sweeping arrangements as remarkable for their diversity as their cohesion.

Burns’ contributions as the violinist and occasional vocalist for the Austin band Balmorhea belie a nuanced songwriting prowess, and a dynamic and powerful voice.

The full length debut is available now on Western Vinyl.