LPR Lists: “sense of entitlement,” a mixtape by Dustin Nelson



This playlist is by LPR’s Marketing Director, Dustin Nelson. It’s a mixtape of bands from Minnesota. At one point he was doing a college radio show on local music, and some of this dates back to some favorites that we played on the air, mixed in with some newer tracks. Not everything was actually available on YouTube or Spotify, but we’ve found makeshift fixes and made the playlist happen. You can get the playlist (or what’s available from the playlist) on Spotify.

1. The Sparrows – “Mad Cafe”

2. A Whisper in the Noise – “Sons”

3. Blackthorn – “Wayfaring Stranger”

4. Low – “Always Fade”

5. The Book of Right on – “sense of entitlement is the new herpes”

6. Ben Weaver – “40 Watt Bulb”

7. A Night in the Box – “The Hustle”

8. Spaghetti Western String Co. – “Beacon Waltz”

9. Dark Dark Dark – “Dig a Grave”

10. Awesome Snakes – “1950’s UFO vs. Snakes”

11. The Soviettes – “Roller Girls”

12. Awesome Snakes – “I Want a Snake”

13. Birthday Suits – “Twin Cities Bridge Is Falling Down”

14. Belles of Skin City – “Like Lambs To The Riot”

15. Awesome Snakes – “Whiskey vs. Police”

16. Gay Beast – “Multi-Purpose Anti-Form”

17. Hüsker Dü – “Never Talking To You Again”

18. Rogue Valley – “Red River of the North”

19. Haley Bonar – “Devilish Man”

20. Thunder in the Valley – “The Most Dangerous Game”

21. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Cowbell”

22. Dosh – “Don’t Wait for the Needle to Drop”

23. The Replacements – “I Will Dare”

posted by Dustin