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LPR Lists: “Attention Deficit Disorder” a mixtape by Ronen Givony



Here’s a playlist from LPR Music Director and Wordless Music founder Ronen Givony called “Attention Deficit Disorder.” (All the songs are 8+ minutes long.) You can listen via videos, or you can get the entire playlist as a whole through Spotify.

1. Swirlies – “Version in Harmony Retrograde Transposition”

2. Richard Wagner – The “Tannhauser” Overture performed by Wiener Philharmoniker

3. Oxford Collapse – “Return of / Bruno”

4. Albert Ayler – “Our Prayer”

5. Loscil – “First Narrows”

6. The Field – “Sequenced”

7. Mozart’s “Il rĂ© pastore” K. 208 performed by Wiener Philharmoniker

8. Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 15 in A Minor, Op.132, performed by Alban Berg Quartett

9. Yo La Tengo – “Let’s Be Still”

10. Steve Reich’s Drumming: Part II

11. Tarentel – “For Carl Sagan”

12. Eluvium – “New Animals From the Air”

13. Fridge – “Drum Machines and Glockenpiels”

14. Destroyer – “Bay of Pigs”

15. John Adams’ Grand Piaonla Music: On the Great Divide

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