LPR Lists: a mixtape by Zan Emerson



We’ve got another mixtape for you today. This one from LPR’s Marketing Coordinator, Zan Emerson. You can listen to most of it below via YouTube, or you can open up the playlist on Spotify.

1. The Girls – “Jeffrey I Hear You”

2. The Soft Boys – “Old Pervert”

3. Boyracer – “Careless and Caught Out”

4. Beat Happening – “Ponytail”

5. Teengenerate – “I Don’t Want To Follow You”

6. Brian Eno – “Needles In the Camel’s Eye”

7. Sebadoh – “S. Soup”

8. Built To Spill – “Three Years Ago Today”

9. Dismemberment Plan – “I Love a Magician”

10. Big Black – “Bazooka Joe”

11. The Monochid – “What We Need Is More Than This”

12. Yo La Tengo – “Detouring America With Horns”

13. Dirty Three – “Rude – And Then Some Slight Return”

14. Guided By Voices – “Alright”

posted by Zan