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#LiveAtLPR Instagram round-up: June & July



Summer is flying by so hold on tight! Check out our favorite shots from our loyal patrons from June & July.
Ghost Beach, taken by @violet_ohoh

Crowd shot from Jon Hopkins, taken by @huuiuuh

Liam Finn, taken by @tjiang96

St. Lucia, taken by @thepacorazzi

…here are some of our other favorites from the past two months
People Under The Stairs, taken by @drumtrade

Lady Liberty, taken by @ailynkaterin

Camera Obscura, taken by @agoraphone (Joyce Lin)

Spoon, taken by @bqnguyen

Back To The Eighties with Jessie’s Girl, taken by @ebrowz

Camera Obscura, taken by @freebirdtree

Jon Hopkins, taken by @huuiuuh

Gary Lucas w/ Jann Klose, by @jannklose

Saved By The 90s with The Bayside Tigers, taken by @manishgosalia

Ghost Beach, taken by @maria_solo

Spoon, taken by @soy_sarita

Andrew Jackson Jihad, taken by @leannbanana

that’s it for this round-up! Keep tagging #LiveAtLPR for a chance to be featured on our blog (and win some rad prizes while you are at it!)
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