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Live at LPR: Leah Yerpe



Leah YerpeWe’re happy to feature artist Leah Yerpe in this new installment of Live at LPR. Leah Yerpe will be showing her work in The Gallery at LPR from March 7-June 6, 2013 for an exhibition titled “STELLIFY.” Yerpe’s drawings and large-scale works have a mythical quality to them, figures suspended in space both literal and figurative. As she says in her artist statement “Stellify means to change or be changed into a star,” these are “humans transformed into constellations.”
This installation, which will last from March 7th to June 6th, is, like all exhibitions in The Gallery at LPR, presented to an array of art and music fans in the ever-changing space. These engaging works interact with viewers in an atypical space that seeks to present the highest caliber of art in a less traditional format that most galleries. These works will be experienced concurrently by art aficionados who come for the art, as well as patrons arriving at The Gallery at LPR for parties, readings, comedy, concerts, and more through the exhibitions run. The mission of The Gallery at LPR, to “serve art and alcohol” and promote atistic dialog, thus echoing a return to the days of the Salon, is alive and well.

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