Listen to the title track from Zs’ new album “Xe”



Brooklyn’s Zs comes to LPR next Wednesday, January 21 for the record release show of the band’s latest, Xe. We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, and now the premiere of the album’s title track over at NPR has us even more excited.
Have a listen to “Xe”:

At 18 minutes, it’s a whopper of a track, but NPR’s Lars Gotrich offers a good primer:
“‘Xe’ is a thrilling 18 minutes of twisty-turny prog that builds off the highly composed — but, more importantly, highly intuitive — interplay of this trio. My first memory of seeing Zs play ‘Xe’ live felt like

Philip Glass jamming on a Black Sabbath riff. Greg Fox, no doubt, may have had a part in that. When not clicking away at the rims of his snare in unbroken focus, Fox lets his loose limbs swing a thunderous, hypnotic drum beat. But listening to the studio recording, guitarist Patrick Higgins leans more on a steady surf-punk motif (a la Man… Or Astro-Man?) than on Tony Iommi, at least when Higgins isn’t picking away at harmonics.”
If you’re still thinking,” What’s the deal with Zs?”, pick up the latest issue of Time Out New York for the answer:
Zs - Time Out New York 
Don’t miss Zs at LPR on Wednesday 1/21!
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