Listen to the new Nels Cline Singers track “Canales’ Cabeza”



Here’s an excerpt from Premier Guitar‘s review of Macroscope, the new album from the Nels Cline Singers, who play LPR on Thursday, May 1st with Mary Halvorson:
“If the only thing you’ve heard from sonic alchemist Nels Cline is the indie-rock rumblings he adds to Wilco, you’re missing out on one of the most creative guitarists around. His latest album, MACROSCOPE, is a deep exploration into free-from, improvised music but with a more textural, melodic slant.”
Keep reading the review here. The magazine singles out “Climb Down” and “Canales’ Cabeza” as two “must-hear” Macroscope tracks. Go ahead and check out the latter below, along with an excerpt from Nels’ explanation of the track for Premier Guitar.

Here’s Nels on “Canales’ Cabeza”:
“This is a groover in 6/4 dedicated to our friend and wizard chef Paul Canales, one of the coolest (yet most intense) people I know and a huge supporter of forward-leaning music. Songs like this are really just excuses to blow over a percolating ostinato. Trevor (Dunn, on electric bass) and Scott (Amendola, on drums) totally bring it. I almost always get tense trying to play a smokin’ solo in the studio with headphones, and this is no exception!”
The Nels Cline Singers come to LPR on Thursday 5/1!
posted by John