Listen: Ben Frost and Malachai



By the Throat performs the promise of its title, but also is a lot more than that—its a set of a pieces that cycle off a main motif which bleed into a variety of states of mind. It does what I wish music would do more often, providing a state of estrangement in its uncanny familiarity. Is it ‘metal’ music, electronic music, or a saturated form of 19th century percussive stringed music? The answer doesn’t really matter, more that it doesn’t fit comfortably anywhere. It seems more important as an exercise of the studio as an instrument of composition, a wonderful work of arranged abstraction masquerading as neo-classical metal electronic music! –Tim Hecker

Check out “The Carpathians,” a track off of Ben Frost‘s latest album, By The Throat. While you’re at it, listen to an exclusive mix that Malachai did for Self Titled as well! Both are posted below.

Ben Frost and Malachai perform at LPR tonight! Get tickets here.

Via: Self Titled