KEXP Session: Cloud Cult



Okay, maybe they’re not cult-like, but Minneapolis band Cloud Cult sure have their fervent followers. And it’s not hard to see why: their albums and live performances are transcendent. On stage, including two string players, trombone, french horn, and two live painters — in addition to the standard guitar,drums and bass — the eight members of Cloud Cult create a spectacle that is unlike any you’re likely to experience. On record, their songs from such KEXP spin-worthy albums as Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus, The Meaning of 8, and Feel Good Ghosts , run the gamut of emotions and are at times haunting, mournful, joyous, and even raucous — but no matter what, they make their listeners and fans feel… and feel strongly! We at KEXP are thankful that Craig Minowa and the group are so generous with their time (having played many KEXP sessions and benefits over the years) and last month managed to cram into the small KEXP studio space to perform four songs from their new album, Light Chasers. Check them out now:

KEXP Session: Cloud Cult (Click Here)

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