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Black Strobe

Originally, the band was a duo comprised of Arnaud Rebotini and French DJ Ivan Smagghe. They became friends in the mid-’80s after repeatedly bumping into each other in front row at concerts. Both went on to work in the dance section of the Rough Trade record shop in Paris. They decided to form a band. The first thing Black Strobe recorded was an acid house track called Paris Acid City, which was featured on the Sourcelab 3 compilation in 1996. They didn’t follow it up until 1999, when they released Innerstrings, which referenced early ’80s synth pop a good two years before electroclash was cool. Meanwhile, their third single, Me And Madonna, became one of electroclash’s anthems. Black Strobe fuses together traces of acid house techno, death disco, and industrial, with their distinct sound. The duo recorded several tracks that appeared on numerous compilations and released a succession of succesfull 12″ singles on the Output, Crostown Rebels, and Kitsuné with the massive hit Italian Firefiles. They have also remixed some of the most revered artists of the indie electronic movement, including Tiefschwarz, The Rapture, Bloc Party and Alter Ego, and have also lent their remixing skills to synth pop juggernauts Depeche Mode and EBM pioneers Nitzer Ebb. In 2007 The band realease Burn your own church produced by Paul Epworth best known for his work with Bloc Party, Maxïmo Park and The Futureheads. Now the Band is working on a new album.

Arnaud Rebotini

Producer and singer from Black Strobe Arnaud Rebotini was raised on funk and disco by his father nonetheless he rebelled and formed death metal and noise grunge bands. A student in computer science, he was soon seduced by technology, bought a 303, a 808 and began crafting skewed electronica and techno. In 2000 he released an album ‘Organique’ under the moniker Zend Avesta, an experimental pop project. A classical buff he also works for the GRM, a state institution created by veteran innovators Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer devoted to contemporary music. Arnaud is an eclectic and brilliant composer always involved in new exciting projects. He is also a great DJ surprising and moving the crowd with accurate choices. Many producers asked him remixes such like Oliver Huntemann, Zen Kei, or as Blackstrobe, The Rapure, Depeche mode Tiefswartz and many more. Aside his Blackstrobe discography Arnaud Rebotini lately released records on Kling Klong, Goodlife, and Dimmer. Now is focus on an full Album project signed on Citizen (Vitalic’s label) . Bored to composed and produced music with computers since years and since , Arnaud drop his laptop and go back to analog, and build a vintage set up with classical electro/techno machine: 2 beatbox (Roland TR 909, and TR 808) and 3 Synth (Roland SH 101, Juno 60, and a Korg Monopoly) to jam with. After 5 days of Jamming in studio, the result was 1 hour of groovy electro/techno. While his live set Arnaud only use this machines and obviously no laptop or any external sequencers. This set is made to shake the dance floor with real hot analog sound. A first 12 inch will be out in septembre , a second 12 and the Album in novembre.