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Jherek Bischoff Shares a Mixtape



From the Brassland YouTube channel:

Here is a video mix tape from Jherek Bischoff which he describes like so: “Not exactly a ‘summer jams’ mix tape … I didn’t bother trying to make a cohesive mix here. Instead I just wanted to go with the theme of songs/artists that have greatly inspired me lately and in the past. I also for the most part shied away from artist that everyone knows. For instance, one of my favorite artists on the planet is Kate Bush, but everyone knows her tunes by now, so I am going with some more obscure stuff that will hopefully inspire others!”
To read more of Jherek’s thoughts on his selections, head over to the original context for which it was created:­es-magnet-a-mix-tape

Bischoff will be performing at LPR on July 31st.

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