J. Spaceman & Kid Millions to release “Live at Le Poisson Rouge” LP & 7″ on Record Store Day



J. Spaceman & Kid Millions - Live at Le Poisson Rouge 
It was a thrill to host the first-ever duo performance by J. Spaceman and Kid Millions back in September, and we’re equally excited to hear that Northern Spy Records will be releasing the live recording of that show as a limited edition 12″ LP and accompanying 7″ on Record Store Day (April 19)!
Check out the a-side of Live at Le Poisson Rouge:

And here’s more from the fine folks at Northern Spy:
“The record’s first side – titled ‘Misha’ – features 24-minutes of Spaceman’s minimal guitar and piano parts along with Millions’ eclectic, yet subtle drumming. The pairing of these elements yields a dreamy and celestial atmosphere that could compare with anything from Spaceman’s famously mind-altering catalog.
Side two of the 12″ – titled “Han” – focuses more on the chaotic nature of the two musicians’ past. Spaceman makes use of his distortion, tremolo and wah-wah pedals, while Millions goes into full freakout mode on the drums, never allowing the audience to fully lock into a groove. The duo steadily builds and eases tension, keeping the listener fully engaged over the track’s 21-and-a-half minute runtime.
As mentioned before, accompanying the LP will be a 7″ featuring two cuts – ‘New York’ and ‘London’ – that showcase Spaceman’s more rock inspired noise stylings and Millions’ absolute disregard for consistency and predictability.”
J Spaceman & Kid Millions at LPR 

J. Spaceman and Kid Millions at LPR – photo by Mark Shelby Perry

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