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Check out this interview with Archie Pelago (via keepalbanyboring), who will be performing TONIGHT in the Gallery at LPR for this month’s on the sly (w. knomad + Obey City (Astro Nautico) , Archie Pelago (Car Crash Set) , Doctor Jeep and Wheez-ie)

(q’s from knomad)

often times when the electronic and chamber music worlds collide, the results are inaccessible and even pretentious. is it a conscious thought to always keep things oriented to the dance floor (or at least keep a rhythm in mind?) does the technology you use play a part in this?

Greg (Cosmo D): When we play out, I would like people to be inspired to dance in some capacity. We craft our live set and try to be sensitive to the crowd for this purpose. I use Ableton because it’s got a solid clock that keeps all my sounds locked into a groove – hopefully one people can dance to.

Dan (Hirshi): The three of us are mutually inspried by dance music and that’s what got us motivated to bring something fresh to the table. Our live setup hinges on finding new and effective ways to utilize our techonlogy to feature our individual strengths and skills.

did archie p start as a studio project or was live performance always at the forefront of your collective mind?

Zach (Kroba): Keeping the dancefloor in mind isn’t that much of a conscious thought. We all are keen fans of dance music of all sorts and try to keep that aesthetic while we craft tunes and play live.

Greg: I had been doing live performance with my cello for a while, but we initially started as a studio project. I felt it was an impulsive inevitability that we try to play the tunes we were making out live, especially when Serato / Ableton released the Bridge. That software literally allowed my world (live Ableton + instruments) and Dan’s (Serato DJing) to co-exist on stage side-by-side.

Dan: I have been a performer for years but when I first starting collaborating with Cosmo D it was more of a production outlet for me. It was Cosmo’s Ableton mastery, hunger to perform and the addition of Kroba on sax that pushed the project into the live realm.

To read the rest of the interview, visit keepalbanyboring here.

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