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Guest Post: Steven Hall (of Arthur’s Landing) on Arthur Russell



Steven Hall of Arthur’s Landing contributed this post about his time working with Arthur Russell, exclusively for the LPR blog:

Here is a photo of me and Arthur Russell from 1984–thirty years later I am singing Arthur’s songs and still trying to understand why these songs haunt me and many others. I understand their immediate appeal–a synthesis of cultures was paramount to our practice and following the rapture of gospel into funk through George Clinton/Junie Morrison/Jerome Brailey was how the groove became the subject matter, the singer(s) was just another element following Sister Sledge’s positioning or the sideways rather abstract style of Joyce Sims (who recorded on Arthur’s Sleeping Bag label).

ARTHUR’S LANDING is an accidental tribute band started by friends of Russell like Steven Hall (vocals/guitar), Elodie Lauten (vocals/keyboard), and Mustafa Ahmed (drum programming/percussion) who were co-collaborators on Arthur Russell hits like “TELL YOU TODAY/KISS ME AGAIN” and “IN THE LIGHT OF MIRACLE” and for this show at Le Poisson Rouge the lean/mean version of Arthur’s Landing has special guest Peter Gordon (Love Of Life Orchestra) who performed and recorded often with Arthur. [ed note: The show is on September 12 w/ The KDMs]

We are looking forward to this dance party reunion with our pals The KDMS from Warsaw–so here is a preview of my remix of “Part Time Lover” by The KDMS. I might get roped into playing guitar tomorrow!”


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