Going Nowhere Slow: A Very Kranky Mix



In anticipation of tomorrow night’s showcase featuring Kranky artists Steve Hauschildt & Christina Vantzou, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and LPR’s own curatorial advisor, Rafael Anton Irisarri, put together a mix of songs for your listening pleasure. Check it out below:

1. Of Everything That Rhymes by BenoƮt Pioulard
2. A Reflecting Pool by Steve Hauschildt
3. Eta Carinae by Ken Camden
4. Static by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
5. Mary, On The Wall (Second Heart Tone) by Grouper
6. S by Labradford
7. A Meaningful Moment through a Meaning(less) Process by Stars of The Lid
8. Supposed Essay On the Piano (B Major Piano Adagietto) by Brian McBride
9. Remove The Inside by Belong
10. Cynthia by Christina Vantzou
11. No Drums by Tim Hecker
12. Postcript by Bowery Electric
13. Fainting in the Presence of the Lord by Windy & Carl

For more details & to purchase tickets to Going Nowhere Slow: An Evening with Kranky label artists, click here.