Listen to Four Tet’s new live album recorded at his 2010 LPR Show



As a treat for all of us, Four Tet recently posted a live album of his 2010 LPR show on Bandcamp! Check it out for yourself right here:

As the night went on the mood warbled between dance club and fully-immersive art exhibit. The New York Times said that:

“Four Tet’s music is an antidote to dance-floor claustrophobia: it stays permeable and open. The beat is never far away, but there’s always another element ready to bubble up or peek in, and something else pinging and shimmering in the distance.”

While Four Tet is a distinctly electronic musician, the samples and sounds he uses are often recorded manually. Guitars, human voices, and some of the percussion have been rendered previously in a live setting, which gives an organic feeling to the loops and layers that he presents during his live shows.

For taking place almost ten years ago, it still feels fresh and inventive!