Fishbone Review in AM New York!!



So I got a lot of laughs when I told people I was going to see Fishbone at LPR last Friday, but the joke’s on them, because the show was fantastic.

Ska may be super uncool these days — though with the millennial return of sincerity, I don’t see that lasting. As a live show experience, it’s way more fun to go to a dance party than sit there with your arms crossed, nodding your head to some indie band (which I’ve done and enjoyed as well). It’s possible that music is just more exciting when there’s the possibility that someone will bust their head crowd surfing.

And, oh, was their crowd surfing. Even lead singer Angelo Moore got in on it. He was just amazing. At 44 years old, he had the energy of 5 guys half his age. In addition to the crowdsurfing (which he did several times), he was doing cartwheels and throwing high kicks all night. There was no stopping him. Over the course of the concert, he stripped down from a jacket and tie to shirtless — showing off some amazing washboard abs….

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