Download The Gloaming feat. Thomas Bartlett / Doveman



Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman) has a new group called The Gloaming, and they’re offering their new EP as a free download through the New Yorker. Here’s what the New Yorker’s John Donohue had to say about the EP:

“The Gloaming doesn’t have a world-music sound. What it does have is Thomas Bartlett, a young piano player and songwriter who has worked with Yoko Ono, Bebel Gilberto, David Byrne, Antony, Grizzly Bear, Justin Bond, Nico Muhly, and the National, as well as recorded a series of quiet, intense albums as Doveman. Barlett’s sparse, subtle piano playing is laced through the Gloaming’s music, moving it, and the music of Ireland, in captivating new directions.”

Bartlett will be back at LPR on April 13th for another installment of his Burgundy Stain Sessions series.

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