DJ Rekha and Basement Bhangra Featured on NPR’s Marketplace



DJ Rekha 
NPR’s Marketplace recently debuted “Playing with Machines,” a new series that explores how musicians use technology, and we were excited to see that the latest segment is about DJ Rekha and her monthly dance party Basement Bhangra (next edition: Thursday, June 5 at LPR).
Check it out:

Naturally, Rekha offers some choice wisdom on the positives and negatives that new technologies have brought. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:
“She laments the loss of craft when it comes to the art of physically picking out records and matching the rhythms of tracks for seamless transitions. She also points out, however, that the ability to quickly purchase and download a requested song that she doesn’t have on a record or a CD is a blessing, and allows her to better serve her audience.”
While you’re at it, check out this video about Basement Bhangra that Dan Perez made for our “Live at LPR” video series:

Mark those calendars: DJ Rekha is back at LPR for the next edition of Basement Bhangra on 6/5.
posted by John