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Before Grubbs could tap his true vo
ice through a string
of buzz-stirring Wakey!Wakey! releases on Family Records (two live LPs, a free collection
of covers and last spring’s War Sweater EP), the following dues were paid: a totally ‘90s bar gig aimed at pint-slamming college kids; a rock band best described by its beard quotient and Black Crowes nods (Satellite Kid); and two touring musicals (Brigadoon, Camelot). “I’m a
tall, skinny straight guy who can sing,” says Grubbs. “That’s basically gold in the musical theater business because there’s none of us.”

Speaking of standing out, Wakey!Wakey! made their presence known over the past couple years by finding a perfect balance between crowd-pleasing pop and art-damaged indie rock. It’s something

Grubbs learned from New York’s anti-folk scene and its founding father, Lach. (The Lower East Side icon mentored Grubbs, which isn’t a surprise—Lach shunned the piano the second he heard the Sex Pistols.) “To come from such a repressed musical environment and then hear someone like Regina Spektor perform with
such abandon—shouting and hitting her stool with a drum stick—was priceless.

Join us TOMORROW for Wakey!Wakey! For more information or to purchase tickets, click here!

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I’m thrilled to announce the Burgundy Stain Sessions at Le Poisson Rouge, a monthly series of collaborative concerts featuring Doveman and friends. These shows are inspired by the salons organized by my friends Michael and Sean at their
Chelsea apartment, The Elevated Hole, and will be a forum for me and my friends to try out new material, showcase new bands, explore new collaborations, and drink. Each month there will be a different set of guests (although there
will be plenty of repeat performers) a completely new show, and as the series goes on, expect to see not just other musicians, but writers, filmmakers, visual artists and more.

26-year old Thomas Bartlett is one of New York’s most in-demand keyboard players, collaborating & touring with artists such as Glen Hansar
d (Once, Swell Season), The National, Martha Wainwright, Antony, David Byrne, Bebel Gilberto & Yoko Ono. Doveman is Bartlett and his select group of collaborators. When listening to this music you should keep in mind artists such as Frederic Chopin, Cat Power, Keith Jarrett, Talk Talk, and Chris Whitley — unless you don’t know any them or are not a fa
n, in which case you should keep in mind Nick Drake, The National, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and other, trendier bands whose music has recently appeared in car commercials. Doveman does not rehearse, but they sure can play.

Join us for Doveman w/ special guests this Friday, if you weren’t able to get tickets this time around, he’ll be back on February 8th & March

The Little Death
w/ Lady Rizo & the Assettes and Little Wolf
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The Little Death is Laura Dawn (lead vocals), Moby (bass, guitar), Daron Murphy (guitar, bass, &
harmonica) , and Aaron A. Brooks (drums). Formed in 2008, their sound is like a drunken bar fight between John Lee Hooker and Kurt Weill or the desperate love-child of Big Mama Thornton and Robert Mitchum. Old blues, soul, and vintage psychedelia slam behind songs about fucking and despair, blind joy and glorious dissolution, fronted by a whi
te girl with a voice equal parts Bessie Smith and Dusty Springfield. Their packed live shows (featuring tight harmonies from backup singers Jamie Rae and Cherie Martorana, aka The Death Threats) are raucous and passionate–punk-rock fueled revivals for hungry souls.

…join us for The Little Death
on Thursday, January 20th. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here!

Rhys Chatham’s Brass Trio
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Rhys Chatham’s Brass Trio with David Daniell (guitar) and Ryan Sawyer (drums).

Avant-garde composer and multi-instrumentalist Rhys Chatham has reached legendary status in experimental music circles. The Paris-based, New York-born composer began as a classically-trained prodigy, but by 1975, Chatham was fusing the overtone-drenched minimalism of John Cale and Tony Conrad with the relentless, elemental intensity of the Ramones. He is perhaps best known most recently for high-profile productions of his resplendent symphonies for hundreds of electric guitars, works which certify Chatham’s position on the front lines of post-minimalist and contemporary music.

For this concert, Chatham takes up the trumpet and joins forces with guitarist David Daniell and drummer Ryan Sawyer. Chatham deploys extended playing techniques inherited from bastions of free jazz – Don Cherry, Bill Dixon – as well as leaders of the minimalist movement – Tony Conrad, Jon Hassell, La Monte Young. Live processing of the instrument through a host of electronic devices gives rise to an ebullient cascade of sound and a truly unique and personal voice, carrying forward Chatham’s life-long pursuit of fusing the textural intricacies of the avant-garde with the visceral punch of punk rock.

Join us on Wednesday, February 9th for Rhys Chatham’s Brass Trio. For more information, click here!

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