Build a Paper People of Macauly Culkin and His iPod



Mack's iPod

Macaulay Culkin’s iPod is back this Thursday at The Gallery at LPR. Mack will be here with a brand new set of danceable tunes ready to go on his iPod. On top of the good tunes and a couple of surprises — like the tent-o-smores with Mack and Adam Green last month — this month we found something pretty incredible. Artist Sally Grosart makes paper people and yesterday she created one of Mack and his iPod. You can see the end result above.

This week we want you to make your own mini-Mack out of paper and bring it to the party. We’ll have the bar covered in mini-Macks. Come down for the free party and print out the image below and make a paper Mack. You can get the instructions on building your own here.

Build a Mack

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