Bruce Brubaker Talks a Little About Playing at LPR



Not an habitué of nightclubs, boîtes, or other dens of musical iniquity — I have played 4 times at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge since it opened. In case you didn’t know, this is the “it” place of the new millenium. A club (in the expensively refurbished premises of the former Village Gate) where music, high-toned classical, alt classical, and bands comingle, and drinks are served. It’s caught the attention of the Establishment. Countless mentions and reviews in the New York Times (almost to a point of parody — LPR performances are more often covered than concerts at Carnegie). I first played as an opening act for Max Richter. The place was full of fans — his. And that’s been a strategy for Ronen Givony, one of the LPR masterminds — start an evening with some relatively friendly new classical and follow with music of greater commercial appeal.

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