A Bartender’s Thoughts on our Summer Cocktail Menu



by Valentine Byrne

Summer in New York is the reason we put up with winter in New York – the parks, the rooftops… that feeling when you’re waiting for the subway and your clothes are sticking to you until an oncoming train sweeps a huge gust of wind right into your face and you feel like everything is going to be okay. But after all of the excitement and heat of the day, all you really want to do is see a good show and sip on an ice cold, refreshing, alcoholic beverage. That’s why our in-house mixologist, Laura Smith, has created a masterpiece of a menu for the summertime, making it easy for you to do just that.

Back before I started bartending (and before I had Laura around), I drank tequila sunrises exclusively in the summer because A. I was too afraid to ask what to order, B. I heard it in a movie once and C. I thought grenadine was alcoholic (Yes, I am the female version of Michael Scott). But now that I’ve been mixing drinks for a while, one of my favorite things to do is introduce the music loving patrons at LPR to something new that they would never think to try. From turmeric to tamarind, coffee to cocoa rims, our cocktails are just as unique and expressive as the musicians we welcome on-stage. In honor of our 10th anniversary, here’s my two cents on the best summer cocktails we are shaking (and stirring) up at LPR!

The Tin Mule – A pleasantly surprising twist on the Kentucky mule, I like recommending this to rye lovers because it’s something they aren’t going to get anywhere else. While the tamarind is a perfect match for the Woodford, the Combier Kümmel (a cumin and fennel liquor) throws your tongue a serious curveball, and the ginger beer brings it all back together. And just in case this drink wasn’t already cool enough, it literally comes with a piece of candy.

Woodford Rye ~ Combier Kümmel ~ Tamarind ~ Lime ~ Ginger Beer ~ Candied Ginger

Viserion’s Fire – This bad boy is my personal favorite, which is pretty unfortunate for me as a bartender since it has a whopping 8 ingredients. That doesn’t stop me from recommending it to pretty much anyone who inquires about tequila or mezcal (and possibly making one for myself post-shift). At first glance it may seem sweet with its pineapple and its cocoa rim – but don’t let it fool you – it’s also got some heat and just the right amount of bitterness. And as for the name? Let’s just say that we’ve got a few GoT fans on our team 🙂

Milagro Silver Tequila ~ Mezcal Del Amigo ~ Habanero ~Pineapple ~ Lemon ~ Aztec Chocolate Bitters ~ Cocoa Rim

Nick of Lime – I love this one because its so unassuming – just your average vodka orange, right? Well, I can promise you, the Nick of Lime tastes nothing like it looks – this one has homemade cinnamon simple and turmeric saline in it! And for those of you wondering, “hey, isn’t saline salt?” Yes, yes it is – and this drink has just the right amount of sugar, salt, and natural cold remedies to keep you rocking all night long.

Absolut Lime ~ St. George Green Chile Vodka ~ Cinnamon ~ Turmeric Saline ~ Fresh Lime

Ten X – The perfect concoction, our ode to LPR X, this one just works and to be honest, I don’t really understand how. If someone asked me to pair tequila with coffee, vermouth, and citrus, I’d be like, “please don’t make me!” But lucky for you, I don’t make up cocktails, I just make them. Not only does this one taste delicious, it has an entire cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in it! I feel like that is all that needs to be said.

El Tesoro Reposado Tequila ~ Martini Bianco Vermouth ~ Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee ~ Lime Peel Simple ~ Lemon ~ Mint

Yodeler’s Tea – This drink will turn gin-skeptics into gin-lovers. For real, I thought gin wasn’t for me until this lil guy came along. The best description I can give is a perfectly balanced, herbaceous Arnold Palmer. It opens up your palate to the wonders of gin without being overbearing. And I think we can credit this to its pairing with Genepy del Alpes – one of my new favorite liquors that I consider the milder, sweeter baby cousin of Chartreuse. So refreshing, yet so simple that you could make it at home – but first come try it here with a side of live music!

Aviation Gin ~ Genepy des Alpes ~ Strawberry Simple ~ Lemon ~ Mint ~ Earl Grey Bitters

While I could keep going on about our delicious, homemade beet-infused picklebacks, or our blueberry tea infused Gentleman Jack, I’ll instead leave you with one last tip: scroll up to the top of this page, click on Calendar, and pick your next show. Your dream of trying these beauties can become a reality – and don’t forget to loudly flag me down to order! Just kidding. Please don’t do that.

..and a few words about yours truly: My name’s Valentine and I’ve been a part of the LPR fam since 2014! As a musician myself, it’s a real privilege to work here. I have seen some truly incredible shows over the years, and I’ve even gotten money to do it! Score. But in all seriousness, LPR is a pretty special place. We aren’t some huge corporation, we are an independent team of artists, performers, and music lovers that really care about the shows we put on and the people who come out to see ’em. So come say hi, grab and drink, and have a glorious, sweaty, inspiring summer!


Bonus pic: our LPR team enjoying the fruits of my labor