Artist Intro: Jambinai



We understand that “Korean post-rock” might sound a little daunting to a first-time listener of Jambinai, but we’ll clue you in on what this band is all about. Mixing Korean folk instruments with rock instruments for the last eight years, Jambinai is often compared to western acts like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky, as well as Deafheaven for their metal influences.

It’s a little difficult to describe the sound of Jambinai to a newcomer because its varies so greatly. A work like “Connection” has a certain calming and majestic quality to it. Though, it stars slow, “Connection” becomes increasingly lively, and celebratory. Take a listen for yourself:

However, not sure the same “calming” could be used to describe “They Keep Silence”, a track that is pretty ironically titled, as it’s definitely a banger. Decidedly heavier and darker, with borderline noise rock tendencies, the song puts the Korean haegeum, a fiddle-like string instrument, to work in order to create a sound that is not just heavy, but overall unsettling. The track has all the momentum of great metal tune while still keeping that Korean connection which makes it so unique.

The groups’s music video’s are also definitely nothing to scoff at. The “For Everything You Lost” video is like a mini landscape documentary, featuring imagery of flora, crashing waves, spinning windmills, and more. The artful cinematography is Koyaanisqatsi-esque with a beautiful soundtrack to boot.

Jambinai will play 6,800 miles away from their hometown of Seoul, right here at (Le) Poisson Rouge. You  can secure your tickets here.