A Holiday Gift for a Music Lover



From now until December 25th we are offering a special holiday gift package on LPR memberships. Each membership will come with a a free gift card to spend at the LPR bar. You get a free $20 gift card with purchase of the School of Fish membership ($50) and a free $75 gift card with purchase of a Classic Fish membership ($300). Be sure to select the holiday package when purchasing. (They are at the bottom of the page.)

What do you get with membership at LPR?

  • Free shows (free tickets to over 100 shows each year)
  • Confirmation of your impeccable taste
  • The chance to explore musical genres and take advantage of the eclectic programming at LPR
  • You earn free drinks, t-shirts, and more with bar points on everything you buy at the LPR bar
  • Ticket pre-sales, free coat check, reserved seats at seated shows, and lots more

  • Memberships can be purchased here.