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5-Word Reviews: Junip



We ran a contest over the last couple weeks where we asked fans to send in a five-word review of the new Junip record to win two tickets to see them at LPR Thursday, plus an autographed poster.

We’ve randomly selected a winner, but we also wanted to share a few of our favorite five-word reviews.

Resonant, emotional, to unexpected places.

Like a surreal digital forest.

Jose Gonzales does it again.

Radical ensemble of auricular pleasures!!!

Sublime, harmonious, soothing , ethereal… hypnotizing.

Light peeks through undulating leaves.

Grower about freedom and decisions.

Cathartic in its orchestral culmination.

Driving, sparse, full, and true.


Creamy blanket of soothing sound.

An emotional experience in multicolor.

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