5 Questions with: Language



You’ve probably seen Language somewhere in Brooklyn recently. We’re pretty excited for their January 11th show here and so we asked them a few ~personal~ questions to get to know them, as any polite person would.
Who’s who in the band? How did you all meet?
Language is Omar Afzaal (guitar), Wes Black (drums), and Charles Sloan (bass). Omar and Charles met Wes when he auditioned for another group, but Language didn’t start until we were this lineup.
What’s your process like?
We write songs democratically and unsystematically. Everyone brings ideas to practice, and we work through them until we’re happy with the song.

Could you name any acts that have influenced your sound or inspired your on-stage performances?
Individually we’ve been influenced by a lot of different music. As a group, we listen to bands like Deerhoof, Don Caballero, Gang of Four, Oneida, Pixies, to name a few. We talk a lot about how bands might have gone about writing songs we like—that is, just as much as how they sound.

We started On The Rise as a way to help people find out about upcoming talent around New York City. Are there any bands you guys have seen lately that you think our readers should consider checking out?
You can see an established band or one you’ve never heard of play original music any night of the week in New York. Venues might move around, but they’re always there. We’ve recently seen great shows by Guerilla Toss, Video Daughters, SuperFM…
Describe your sound in three words.
Tense, energetic, rock
If you could tour with your dream bill, who would be on it?
Basement shows with Lightning Bolt and DNA.
Language will perform live at LPR on January 11th as part of our On The Rise series, with Howth, Not Blood Paint, and A Deer A Horse. Tickets on sale here.