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Q&A: 5 Questions with HOWTH



We’re pretty stoked to have HOWTH perform at LPR this month, so we asked them a few questions to get to know them a bit better. Listen to their latest record Trashy Milky Nothing Town and check out our interview before you stop by on January 11.
Hi there Howth! Tell us a bit about yourselves. Where are you guys from? How did you come to start making music together?
I’m Carl! I’m from Prior Lake, MN. Robin Pahlman plays guitar and sings. He’s from Pargas, Finland nestled in the Archipelago Sea. We met on Craigslist. Great songwriter. Joe Reichel is from Sacramento, CA. Also a great songwriter. Plays bass, sings. Michael Seidenfeld: great songwriter. From New Rochelle. Drummer. He went to the same high school as Henry Heimlich, the inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver that our next album is about.
CMJ called Trashy Milky Nothing Town “nostalgic”. Of course you draw deeply from the old (and the TMNT!), but what makes the record feel new to you?
I think the combination of sounds makes it new sounding maybe. It’s kind of post it. A lot of jokes. Sounding weird in broad strokes. Each of us is saying look at the song but also look at me. Cool characters, something I really like in a band. Band on this was Aviva Stampfer, Blake Luley, Neil Acharya, Jeremy Duvall and myself. It was fun to make! Charles Burst engineering.

Are there any songs in particular that have inspired your latest record? Any artists who have influences your sound over the years?

Each song was kinda its own challenge and even parts of songs sound like different things. So hard to say. But here’s some songs that sound good together and kinda give the gist about my taste then and now I think. I love so much music!!
The mission of our On The Rise series is to push people to listen to up and coming artists from in and around New York City. Are there any bands that you’ve performed with or have discovered recently that you think our readers should pay attention to?
All these bands!!! Friend Roulette, A Deer A Horse, Miniboone, Shark?, Cult Vacation, Thee Creeps, Debe Dalton, Ray Brown, Robot Princess, Yeti, Scott Matthew, Hand Job Academy, Kung Fu Crimewave, El Silver Cabs, Slim Charles, Milk Dick, Oracle Room, Parlor Walls, Sodium Beast, Gunfight!, Clint Michigan, Robin Pahlman, Zorba Court, Mimi LaValley, Parquet Courts, Ava Luna, Leapling, Charles Mansfield, Shilpa Ray, Caged Animals, Ajnabi, Operator, Chimneys, Lazyeyes, Honduras, Jennifer O’Conner, Amy Bezunartea, Frankie Cosmos, Porches., Pinegrove, Flying Pace, Ultra Major, Moon Tooth, Ratchet By Nature, GOLD, Ben Seretan, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Courtship Ritual, Brainfreeze, Lost Gloves, Rice Cultivation Society, Christopher Paul Stelling, Mount Sharp, Haybaby, Vomitface, Palm, Palehound, Krill (RIP)
Perhaps the most important question of all: can you tell our readers what to expect from you on January 11th?
We didn’t wanna play any other shows in January because this one means so much to us. Preston Spurlock’s doing visuals. Sound there is great. So we’ll probably rock out hardcore. A combination of ninja turtle songs and Heimlich maneuver songs. And the other bands are so great! Gonna be a great night!
HOWTH will perform live at LPR on January 11th as part of our On The Rise series, with Not Blood Paint, A Deer A Horse, and Language. Tickets on sale here.