The Rock*A*Teens The Rock*A*Teens

with Will Sheff (Okkervil River), Ricer & presented by Le Poisson Rouge & Wordless Music

Sun August 10th, 2014


Main Space

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Show Time: 8:00PM

Event Ticket: $18

Day of Show: $20

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The Rock*A*Teens

The Rock*A*Teens were nothing short of a force of nature. Roaring out of Cabbagetown, GA, they blended a unique mixture of dark, swampy rock influences into a thick primordial stew that defies categorization … Pop? Blues? Jazz? Rockabilly? Garage? Theirs was music of passion and lust, love and heartbreak, hope and despair, triumph and failure, heat and humidity.
Distortion pedals buzz with washes of reverb, organ whines and piano rolls, drums pound with tribal intensity, and the vocals wail and ache and rejoice, wrapping around themselves in a feverish embrace. A cool wash of emotion and grit. A cleansing of your tired and battered soul.
“In that they were ‘arguably’ the best American rock ’n roll band of the ’90s, it is safe to say that the Rock*A*Teens were also the most underrated American rock ’n roll band of the ’90s.” —Dan Bejar, Destroyer

Will Sheff (Okkervil River)

Will Sheff is the bandleader of Okkervil River, whose latest album is “The Silver Gymnasium.” Called by Pitchfork as “one of indie rock’s most ambitious thinkers,” Sheff is beloved for his smart lyrics and “sophisticated songwriting” (Paste Magazine). His arts criticism and fiction have been published in McSweeney’s, Magnet, and the Austin Chronicle, where he worked as a film critic. His liner notes for the Roky Erickson album True Love Cast Out All Evil, which he produced, were nominated for a Grammy, and he appeared in the 2012 film The Comedy.


Atlanta based Ricer return to the scene of the crime with their bigger & badder “XXX+SIZE”, the follow-up to 2010’s debut release “#2’s”. Are you ready?
To prime you, lets have a quick history lesson. Ricer was formed in Atlanta in late 2009. Their current line-up consists of: Brandi Turner, the singer/slinger who can make both your eyes tear up & your ears bleed with one swoop of her six strings; Dallas Peavy, the cymbal smashing man crush of any number of Atlanta bands who can kill you with a wink of his eye; and Billy Duncan, the tattooed master of the four string who once made Judge Joe Brown beg for mercy. It was this lineup that made the Chinese officially change the year 2010 to the year of the “Ricer-Chicken” in honor of the cover star of their awe-inspiring debut.
It’s 2011 now and Ricer is set to unleash the follow-up that will make the whole world take notice, not just the Chinese. “XXX+SIZE” expands the Ricer sound while also refining it. From the poppy punk of Switch and Ladyfingers, (think of the band Ricer); to the otherworldly, almost film noirish One on One and Strangers, (not unlike a darker Ricer); to the neo-musique concréte UN/Terror Kids, (like Ricer collaborating with long time noise provocateur Sequence 3); to Bleeder, (think of Ricer crushing your soul & spirit then helping you up so they might crush your conception of listening to anything but Ricer); “XXX+SIZE” has, to borrow the motto of WREK’s Destroy All Music, – “something for everyone”. China got it in 2010, now 2011 will be the year of Ricer for the rest of the world.
Are you ready? For the future? For the Mad, Heavy….HEAT!!

presented by Le Poisson Rouge & Wordless Music

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