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The SISTINE CRIMINALS is a Live Drum N’ Bass Power Trio based out of Brooklyn, New York. This Live “Half Man, Half Machine” hybrid electronic band features the head-spinning sheets of sound and multi-phonic saxophone textures and keyboard playing of Aaron Burnett (Esperanza Spalding); the brolic all encompassing bass Lines of Nick Jozwiak (Kim Thompson); along with the seemingly inhuman speed and machine-like drumming precision of Greg “TORCH” Sgrulloni (Conspirator); all coupled with the use of computer software and electronics. The SISTINE CRIMINALS magnetize their audiences with a sound that is a combination of “John Coltrane meets Dieselboy meets Squarepusher.”

In 2005, the SISTINE CRIMINALS officially formed while the founding members, Greg “TORCH” Sgrulloni and Aaron Burnett, attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music. In the early stages of their development, the SISTINE CRIMINALSdrew most of their musical inspiration from jazz artists such as John Coltrane and Joe Henderson while simultaneously digging into the lesser explored musical realms of Jungle & Drum and Bass Music; starting with the mixes of Dieselboy. They later began experimenting with the adaptation of Jazz standards into Drum n’ Bass “Live Remixes.” This resulted in the bands original sound becoming a unique fusion of Jazz and Drum n’ Bass.

Since relocating to Brooklyn, New York in 2008, the SISTINE CRIMINALS have become a mainstay within the Brooklyn underground music scene. Steadily gaining a reputation for putting on “head turning” high energy shows that make people stop in their tracks, the SISTINE CRIMINALS captivate their audiences through live performances that fans have called…

— “a mesmerizing, high octane performance that seemingly demands immense amounts of technique and precision; they leave their audience completely entranced and spell-bound!”

One reviewer commented by saying…

“Only in the presence of JoJo Mayer have I seen a purely live band create such hot music in this genre.”

And the band has been blogged as…

— “High art in your face!”

With the use of electronics and Ableton Live software, the SISTINE CRIMINALS are able to create a signature hybrid electronic sound and live approach that results in their very own unique brand of Live Drum and Bass music with added elements of Trap & IDM. By using a variety of live production techniques such as looping, sampling, filtering, triggering and more, the SISTINE CRIMINALS are able to “reverse engineer” their tracks & remixes to create a convincingly true electronic and “DJ-esque” type sound.

Their unique live approach also enables them to highlight their on-stage chemistry while producing sonic sounds & textures that are typically only heard by DJ’s and producers. Their live sets are often a mixture of prewritten songs and free form improvisations which they have aptly dubbed “Freakouts.”

To date, they have shared the stage with notable artists such as BioDiesel (featuring Johnny Rabb), Adam Deitch (Lettuce, Pretty Lights, Break Science), Mobb Deep, Hannibal Buress (comedian), Method Man, Esperanza Spalding and more. In the summer of 2016, SC saxophonist Aaron Burnett recorded for UK Drum n’ Bass act RUDIMENTAL for their up and coming album.

Always pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible by live musicians, the SISTINE CRIMINALS are constantly reinventing themselves, challenging their levels of creativity and technical ability and always seeking new and innovative ways to execute electronic music in live settings.

The SISTINE CRIMINALS are now gearing up for more live appearances and are currently working on their up and coming EP which is planned for release sometime in 2017.