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Hailing from Syria, Omar Souleyman’s music is rooted in Dabke, a modern Levantine Arab folk circle dance of possible Canaanite or Phoenician origin. Hailed as an “unexpected preacher of love”, Souleyman has become a worldwide sensation in modern world and electronic music circles, though he began his career as a wedding singer in Syria. Who could’ve foreseen that a wedding singer from Ras al-Ayn, Syria with over 500 albums under his belt would become a cult hero amongst world and electronic music connoisseurs? But there is an undeniable bond between the legacy the 50-year-old delves in – a synthesized version of Dabke – and so-called acid house. Artists like Björk, Four Tet (who produced his breakthrough album Wenu Wenu), Modeselektor and Gilles Peterson are honored to have worked with a master like Souleyman. With so much strife in the modern world, there’s comfort to be found in how this Syrian sings about the great theme of love as the war drum beat rages on carelessly. This is, after all, music’s virtue: the ability to dissolve us in time and space, building bridges where walls previously were to be found.

The Syrian musician continues to use his art as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures.”- Noisey