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NYMPH is a Brooklyn-based seven-piece that has been active in the New York psych, noise and jazz scenes for seven years. The outfit’s expansive approach confounds thumbnail genre ascription, and yet does not depend on confusion or combinatorics for its impact; rather, the fluid and multifarious membership enjoyed by the former duo-plus-band of Matty McDermott and Eri Shoji has expanded, edified and enlightened NYMPH’s approach to texture, composition and execution. Truly, the band’s sound represents a seamless and exuberant amalgamation of heavy psych, free-jazz, modern minimalist composition, kosmische kraut, and visionary desert blues.

Complementing Matty’s humongous modal guitarwork and Eri’s wailing vocalese are the more-recently realized additions to the band’s palette: a rambunctious and beautiful horn section with Aylerian proclivities, just-intonation string and synthesizer drones, and a shimmering jungle of percussion. Since 2011, the band has served as free-jazz-soul legend Arthur Doyle’s New York ensemble, The New Quiet Screamers; working with an innovator and master of the form has not only magnified the band’s instrumental dexterity, but has deepened the group’s commitment to communicative improvisation and a palpable sense of spirituality made manifest via performance. Witnessing NYMPH at peak power is akin to witnessing ritual.

The present lineup contains current and former members of Dark Meat, Effi Briest, Symbol, Guardian Alien, Gamelan Kusama Laras and a multitude of other acts of variable temperament, intention and geographic location. NYMPH has toured North America and Japan extensively, and has shared stages and collaborated with the likes of Deerhoof, Thurston Moore, Group Bombino, Loren Connors,and more. Recently, the band finished postproduction work on two live albums with Arthur Doyle, and completed a collaboration with Neneh Cherry for the companion-disc for her album The Cherry Thing.

NYMPH’s eponymous debut was released on The Social Registry in 2011, and a brand new record, New Millennium Prayer, will drop June 25, 2013 on Northern Spy, a release for which they will be touring until the end of the calendar year. Come get tranced.