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Under the name NOIA, Gisela Fulla launched her debut EP Habits this fall, which she describes as, “a reflection of my many idiosyncrasies – deep solitude, rigid eating schedules like a retired old man, nostalgia for an imagined future, desired memories of a better past, bread with olive oil & avocado, masturbation, etc.” The four tracks on Habits reflect NOIA’s myriad musical and cultural influences. Everything from Dancehall to Tropicalia music to leftfield R&B are present, while the literature and cultural theory of Cavafy, Olaf Stapledon and Byung Chul Han are referenced in the lyrics, which are sung in a mix of Spanish and English. NOIA also incorporates her work as a sound designer for film, creating a range of custom percussive sounds – her snares are stacks of assorted foley items, while her hi-hats are comprised of digital distortion trash. “My music is maximalist or baroque in the way I have layers upon layers of sounds at work in the material,” she explained.

Although NOIA writes from a dense creative place, her music is accessible on the surface. Both casual listeners looking for a headphone jam and serious fans demanding a deeper experience with pop music will find much to appreciate in NOIA’s productions.

Habits launched October 14 on Cascine worldwide and Buen Dia in Mexico. The tracks were mixed by Al Carlson and Joshua Valleau, and mastered by Heba Kadry